I was always amazed with things like video recording and editing. when i was way younger i already had a video camera in my hand. A Sony which recorded on tape. when i bought my first TV card which had composite input, i was hooked with recording and digital editing on the computer.At the time, i only had a demo version of Pinnacle studio, but that was enough for me then. when technology advanced i bought a new video camera that still recorded on tape, but the tapes where actually digital and smaller than my original camera. nowadays i walk around with 2 video cameras : a Canon FS200 and a GE DV1. The first mainly for funfair recording, the second mainly for vlogs.
When i found out about Youtube in 2008, i was amazed at what it could do, an now, 4 years later, i’m still doing a lot on the (massive changed) platform.

If you want to know what i do on youtube, check out the “latest videos” section in the menu, to see the latest vlog and latest funfair video! if you like either, or both, don’t hesitate to subscrive 🙂