Here is a list of software that i use, and have used, for photography, videographyand music editing.
Links are placed with the software so you can check it out for yourself.

Photography – using now


Windows – Adobe Photoshop CS2

It has been a while since i’ve touched this, but i still use it now and then to edit photos and compose pictures.
Adobe Photoshop

Linux – The G.I.M.P.

Having switched to Linux in the end of last year, my main photo editor has been the GIMP or The GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is an awesome, free, alternative for Adobe Photoshop and it runs on a lot of platforms! This is now almost my main tool for editing photos.

Photography – having used

Mainly on windows, a lot of freeware tools that couldn’t do what i actually wanted it to do. PAIN.NET came the closest to what i wanted, but was limited at the time i found it.

Videography – using now


Linux – KDenLive

KDenLive is about the best video editor (in my opinion) you can get for free! it features a lot of things that professional editors like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas have, but….for free! It has multitrack audio and videoediting, a lot of filters for both audio and video and more!
This is now my main production tool for both my funfair and vlog videos!
Only downside is, that this will not run on windows directly (only if you dualboot, or have a virtual machine running Linux)

Videography – having used


Windows – Pinnacle Studio 12 (with winter theme pack)

This was my official bought editor i used for most of my videos from 2010-2011. It was a good video editor, even though some functionality didn’t work well because of the type of grafix card i had. it could not output HD footage however and had trouble with playing back even 720p HD footage. Most of my funfair videos were edited with this at the time.
Pinnacle Studio

Linux – Openshot Video Editor

This is a pretty decent video editor to have under Linux and i found this before i got KDenlive working correctly. Downside of this editor (on my laptop) is that is sometimes responded slow to certain command like the cut command. The advantage this editor has, is tha ability to make 3D animated titles, BUT you do need a recent version of Blender installed on your computer. Same “downside” as KDenlive, this will also not run on windows directly (only if you dualboot, or have a virtual machine running Linux).
Openshot Video Editor

Music editing – using now


Linux – LMMS

LMMS or Linux MultiMedia Studio is music compositing software that has a lot in common with Fruity Loops! i found out some years ago while testing Linux on an older machine. It is also available for windows, so if you want a free / opensource alternative to your current music software you should definitly try it out!

Windows – Cool Edit Pro

Yes, this one doesn’t exist in the original version, as it is now called Adobe Audition. but, i still use it under windows as i found it back on an old harddrive. i would have used Audacity, but for some reason it won’t run on my laptop (gives an error and won’t go any further).
Adobe Audition

Music editing – having used


Windows – Fruity Loops

Known by many, this is a pretty sweet music composition tool! Used by a lot of (starting) artists it comes with some good plug ins and such. i even recall to have had an old version that had a track from Deadmau5 🙂
Fruity Loops

Windows – Orion Pro

This is one of the first pieces of music creation software i found years ago. i have been using it to create some of the tracks that you can find in the Soundcloud player on the Music page. Pretty decent, and for me it had a somewhat better feel than Fruity Loops at the time!
Orion Pro

Windows – propellerheads Reason

This is an awesome Music DAW! it mainly consists of software synths, filters, mixer and more that was originally taken from hardware! the look of the elements is ofter close to a real hardware piece! i could only run version 2.5 and 3 as newer version required better hardware, which i didn’t have.

Windows – propellerheads Rebirth

This is a software emulation of the 808 and 909 drum computers and 2 303 bassline synthesizers. pretty great to play around with (it’s a free piece of software nowadays) and can actually be connected to Reason through a software connection. I used this software, together with something else, to make 1 of the tracks that can be found in the Music section.