A bit like my past on videography, my photography hobby started also on a young age. When i was 10 or 11 i got my very first photocamera. nothing more than a little box that could hold a 35mm filmcassette, but it was the start of something that can never be taken away from me again 🙂
i bought my own Minolta camera when i was somewhat older and kept shooting a lot.
When 1 of the first digital photocameras arrived in the company i was working for in 1999 i was hook to this new thing. When i started working later in a computer electronics store, i bought my own first digital camera (a kodak DC210). soon a few years later i bought myself a Minolta Dimage 7 which i still have, but don’t use anymore.

About 5 years ago i bought my own, very first DSLR, a 10 megapixel Canon 400D that i still own and use on a regular basis!
Find out more on the extra things i have for my Canon and for the software i use to edit my photos with in the software section in the menu.