Here is a list of gear that i use, and have used, with both photography and videography.

Photography – using now


Cannon 400D

Bought about 5 years ago, i’m still using my DSLR and loving it! i have a total of 4 lensen being
– the kitlens 18-55mm
– Tamron 55-200 F4-5.6
– Tamron 70-300 F4-5.6
– Canon 50mm F1.7

further more i have a SUNPAK PZ40X flashlight, 2 Luxon tripods (1 normal, 1 smaller) and a STAR 8 Mono monopod.

Photography – having used


Konika Minolta Dimage 7

a pre-DSLR camera, but with a lot of settings that matched those of a true DSLR.

Kodak DC210 Plus

My first digital camera that had a 1.3 mp sensor. used for many years and i still have it!

Trust *type unknown*

A digitcal camera that did not last very long.

before the digital age, i’ve had 2 smaller cameras that used 35mm film, but both brand and type are unknown to me.

Videography – using now


Canon FS200

A non-HD video camera that i primarely use for filming at funfairs. It is the official replacement for my previous video camera that still used videotapes to record video on.


An HD video pocketcamera that i primarely use for filming my vlogs with. Bought real cheap last year when i worked at a consumer electronics store. this cam should be able to film under water footage, but haven’t tested it.

Videography – having used


Samsung vpd 381

The camera i used before the Canon FS200. This camera used small digital tapecassettes to record 60 or 90 minutes of video on (depending on the LP or SP setting of the camera). it could also take photos but i’ve never used that function. also, this camera conected to a computer with firewire400 instead of USB connector.
(there are still some videos about that camera on my funfair channel!)

LG Viewty

Not officially a video camera, but a sort-of smartphone that, for it’s time, could take pretty good videos! it also had a slowmotion setting, but the quality of the video would degrade if set to that option. Used when i started on youtube with some funfair / vlogging / slowmo videos.